Few Important tips

1. If an asthma patient notice he/she is coming down with asthma symptoms stop doing what you are doing and remain calm.

2. In asthma attack situation if patient stressed out it will only worsen the attack.

3. Drinking cold water make an attack worse so remember to drink lukewater.

4. Do not run or walk fast in order to get to a particular location, this will speed up body metabolism and make the attack worse.

5. In attack situation avoid talking as it is a hard work on the neck muscles and cause them to tense up.

6. In winters avoid cold places and keep your body warm.

7. If you go outside in winters wearing an extra undershirt or jacket is never a bad idea.

8. In summers drink a lot of fluids and stay cool.

9. In summers avoid overheating your body it will heighten the chances of attack.

10. Avoid crowded and noisy places as much as possible.

11. In attack situation ask someone to grab the medications you need.

12. Prefer to eat such foods which strengthen the lungs i.e. grams or pulse of gram and its products.

13. If you are allergic to certain foods avoid them. e.g. some persons cannot digest tamarind that causes sneezing and ultimately if it persists then it sometimes turns into asthma.

14. In spring season, Cover your nose with handkerchief as in these days atmosphere is full of pollens.

15. Swimming is a good exercise for asthma patients as swimmers are required to control breathing while jumping into the deep water .

16. Swimming strengthens the lungs so its good for asthma patients also .

17. Only consult the doctor for advice and proper prescription.

18. Patients should regularly follow doctors advice.

19. Always keep your Inhalers near you.

20. Inhalers are the most preferred controller medication for persons with uncontrolled asthma.

21. Asthma Inhalers provide better control of Asthma symptoms and prevent future attacks.

22. Always take your medication regularly as prescribed by doctor.

23. If patient is feeling well completely then still he has to take preventative treatment everyday because asthma can’t be cured but it can be minimized.

24. Smoking is not good for asthma patients as its irritants can trigger asthma attacks.

25. Smoking makes a inhaled medicine less effective so stop smoking if you are an asthma patient.

26. Smoking can increase your medicine intake and worse your lungs health.

27. Asthma patients should stay in smoke free environment.

28. Asthma patients should take regular exercise.

29. If patient find exercise gives him troublesome asthma symptoms, he/she should discuss this with their doctor as you may need more preventive treatment.

30. For an asthma patient Walking , Swimming , cycling are the best exercises.

31. Patient should take care of himself in cold weather and keep inhalers close by and in a warm place.

32. Obesity cause an adverse impact on asthma so he should try to stay a healthy weight.

33. Asthma patient should avoid eating fast food as it causes obesity.

34. Asthma is beatable it can reduce it to a great Extent.

35. Patient should always try to breathe from nose during exercise as nose warms and filters the air before letting it go to lungs.

36. If a patient breathe through mouth during exercise it will increase the risk of triggering asthma symptoms.

37. Proper exercising definitely strengthens the respiratory muscles.

38. Exercising help in maintaining weight and decrease risk of heart disease due to asthma.

39. Asthma patient should monitor his/her health and talk to doctor before beginning to any sport.

40. Asthma patient should not exercise in non green zones it will worse his/her health


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