List of things to discuss with your doctor

What’s your response when your doctor asks “how’s your asthma”?

Do you know the things that would be useful to discuss?

Here’s a list of things to discuss with your doctor next time you visit to give you the best chance of being as healthy as possible:

-If you are coughing, wheezing or breathless day or night.
-If you struggle to keep up with normal activity.
-Anything that seems to trigger/make your asthma worse.
-What you do about your triggers and whether this helps.
-How often you take your blue reliever puffer.
-How often you take your preventer medication.
-How you use your medication device.
-If you are using any other medications or complementary therapies.
-You would like a written asthma action plan.
-You would like a regular asthma review.