The Problem


Some Shocking numbers and stats to know about asthma:


300 million live with asthma

250,000 deaths due to asthma each year

15 million years of healthy life (disability adjusted life years: DALYs) are lost due to asthma

Asthma is most prevalent in developed nations: the United Kingdom, Canada, and U.S.


In the United States:

Nearly 19 million adults and 7 million children in the U.S. live with asthma

3,388 died due to asthma in 2009

44,000 asthma attacks occur each day

4,700 asthma emergency room visits daily

More than 36,000 kids miss school and 27,000 adults miss work every day due to asthma

The Problem


The economic costs of asthma are among the
highest for non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
because of the substantial health service use, in many
cases over a lifetime . The largest direct costs are for
inpatient care and pharmaceuticals . The principal
indirect costs stem from loss of productivity due to
missed work and school .
While the exact cost of asthma worldwide cannot
be determined, a 2009 systematic review found 8
national studies which reported total cost, illustrating
its substantial impact . Of those with a study duration
of one year, the costs reported in 2008 US dollars
were all very high, but also varied widely: Canada
$654 million; Germany $2,740 million and $4,430
million; Singapore $49 .36 million; Switzerland $1,413
million; and USA $7,189 million, $8,256 million and
$2,300 million . In 2004, new cases of occupational
asthma alone in the United Kingdom cost GB£70–
100 million .
As the proportion of people with asthma in
the population rises, all of these costs will become
greater . Clearly more population-based research on
the economic burden of asthma is needed, especially
in low- and middle-income countries where the
prevalence of asthma is increasing

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Little about Main Features of RespirON

With a medication reminder built-in the app, a patient can never forget to take his/her medication. The medicine schedule can be easily be modified through the Patient Details tab in the App.
The device is connected with the Smartphone application via dual mode BLE (Bluetooth low energy). As soon as the device goes out of the Bluetooth range, both the Phone as well as the device give out an alarm so that the patient immediately knows that he has forgotten his Inhaler. This feature comes as a USP of the product, as many people forget their inhalers because of their busy work schedule.
The “Find Device” button is used in cases when the patient is unable to find his Inhaler. Clicking on the Find Device Button in the Smartphone application triggers a loud alarm in the RespirON Device so that the patient can find his inhaler in time.
The puff counter in the Smartphone application automatically provides live updates of the number of puffs left in the medicine cartridge. Also the patient can set the threshold level for the number of puffs below which the App gives an alert to the patient to replace the cartridge. This is essential because if the patient runs out of medicine in case of an attack, it may even lead to the patient’s death.
The device uploads puffs usage data (usage time and location) to the server after regular intervals. This data can help Government Organizations and other agencies working to prevent the respiratory diseases to get valuable clues about environmental exposures that may cause attacks. Thus, these areas can focused on and the environmental problems can be tackled to help prevent future ailments.
The Expiry Date Alert provides the user with a notification that his medicine cartridge has expired. This feature helps prevent the cases when a patient accidentally ingests an expired dosage which may increase the problem. So with our application the Expiry Date of the Medicine can be entered into the Patient Details Tab when a new cartridge is loaded in the app and such types of incidences can be avoided.
The app consist of deep breathing exercise session timed from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, it’s easy to use by just follow voice instructions and these exercise will ensure your anxiety reducing, stress relieving, hypertension management, and daily use of this app can help manage high blood pressure ultimately all these factors will help patient to achieve controlled asthma. This feature is especially useful for people who are more susceptible to panicking in case of an Asthma attack.
“PANIC BUTTON” feature is present in both the device and the Application. The phone application sends an alert to the telephony server which generates automated call and text message to the nearby hospital as well as to the patient’s predefined relatives and family members. The “Panic Button” in the hardware device is essential because during an attack the patient is not able to easily operate the Smartphone.
With the patient history being monitored on the timely basis, the past history is made portable as it is saved in the Azure supported backend database. If the patients change their doctors or if doctors need timely reports, this facility can be made useful. Also, this feature reduces paper work.


WHY RespirON ?

This is the most important Question and its answer is very simple.

RespirON provides vital data and statistics about the patient which include the following:
– Information about the patient’s medical History (Medicines he’s been taking and since            how long, etc.)
– GPS data which helps determine the geographical regions where people are more prone to     Asthma and other such respiratory diseases. This data can further be used to determine         and eradicate the environmental factors causing these problems.
-Provides timely help to the patients.
-Will reduce the number of deaths caused by asthma phenomenally.
-This device is surely going to help the asthma patients to achieve a controlled asthma.

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1. If an asthma patient notice he/she is coming down with asthma symptoms stop doing what you are doing and remain calm.

2. In asthma attack situation if patient stressed out it will only worsen the attack.

3. Drinking cold water make an attack worse so remember to drink lukewater.

4. Do not run or walk fast in order to get to a particular location, this will speed up body metabolism and make the attack worse.

5. In attack situation avoid talking as it is a hard work on the neck muscles and cause them to tense up.

6. In winters avoid cold places and keep your body warm.

7. If you go outside in winters wearing an extra undershirt or jacket is never a bad idea.

8. In summers drink a lot of fluids and stay cool.

9. In summers avoid overheating your body it will heighten the chances of attack.

10. Avoid crowded and noisy places as much as possible.

11. In attack situation ask someone to grab the medications you need.

12. Prefer to eat such foods which strengthen the lungs i.e. grams or pulse of gram and its products.

13. If you are allergic to certain foods avoid them. e.g. some persons cannot digest tamarind that causes sneezing and ultimately if it persists then it sometimes turns into asthma.

14. In spring season, Cover your nose with handkerchief as in these days atmosphere is full of pollens.

15. Swimming is a good exercise for asthma patients as swimmers are required to control breathing while jumping into the deep water .

16. Swimming strengthens the lungs so its good for asthma patients also .

17. Only consult the doctor for advice and proper prescription.

18. Patients should regularly follow doctors advice.

19. Always keep your Inhalers near you.

20. Inhalers are the most preferred controller medication for persons with uncontrolled asthma.

21. Asthma Inhalers provide better control of Asthma symptoms and prevent future attacks.

22. Always take your medication regularly as prescribed by doctor.

23. If patient is feeling well completely then still he has to take preventative treatment everyday because asthma can’t be cured but it can be minimized.

24. Smoking is not good for asthma patients as its irritants can trigger asthma attacks.

25. Smoking makes a inhaled medicine less effective so stop smoking if you are an asthma patient.

26. Smoking can increase your medicine intake and worse your lungs health.

27. Asthma patients should stay in smoke free environment.

28. Asthma patients should take regular exercise.

29. If patient find exercise gives him troublesome asthma symptoms, he/she should discuss this with their doctor as you may need more preventive treatment.

30. For an asthma patient Walking , Swimming , cycling are the best exercises.

31. Patient should take care of himself in cold weather and keep inhalers close by and in a warm place.

32. Obesity cause an adverse impact on asthma so he should try to stay a healthy weight.

33. Asthma patient should avoid eating fast food as it causes obesity.

34. Asthma is beatable it can reduce it to a great Extent.

35. Patient should always try to breathe from nose during exercise as nose warms and filters the air before letting it go to lungs.

36. If a patient breathe through mouth during exercise it will increase the risk of triggering asthma symptoms.

37. Proper exercising definitely strengthens the respiratory muscles.

38. Exercising help in maintaining weight and decrease risk of heart disease due to asthma.

39. Asthma patient should monitor his/her health and talk to doctor before beginning to any sport.

40. Asthma patient should not exercise in non green zones it will worse his/her health