The Problem


Asthma is a growing problem which is spontaneously fixing its deadly roots under the immense pressure and stress in
today’s fast life.
According to World Health Organization around 300 million people suffer from asthma and every year around
30 million people die because of Asthma across the world. The number of asthma patient’s is increasing steadily

around the globe, also it is Untitledestimated that the number will rise by 100 million by 2025.

And as we talk about India, the results are stunning, every year around 65,000 people die because of this chronic
One of the main reasons of deaths in this is poor adherence to the asthmatic medication.
According to a survey, on an average 40-60% patient’s with asthma adheres to the prescribed regimen and only 1 out
of 30 patients’ follows to the doctor’s prescription

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